SIDE EVENT ENIM (Side event)

12/06/2013 - 17:30 / 19:30



Chouaib Benqlilou,Abdelhadi Ghazaoui, Said Kitane

Training status and prospects in environmental engineering at ENIM Organized by: National School of Mineral Industry (ENIM) (Ecole Nationale de l’Industrie Minérale) ( • This workshop will share and discuss models and experiences in environmental education on i) State engineering education and continuing education, ii) research development and promotion, iii) promoting an environment-based economy through the incubation of innovative projects. • New education and learning concepts and techniques for ENIM engineering students through national and international projects, which have enabled the production of scientific publications and patents, honorary awards including innovation awards, and the creation of new innovative environmental SMEs through: -project based learning and by doing practical work on a pilot scale for the Integrated management of household waste at ENIM (compost production, biodiesel, metal alloys, etc.). -Eco-ENIM, the first green graduate school and strengthening of the concept Learning by Doing -Resolving the Real Challenge Problem by engineering students and for a low income rural community (e.g. cooperatives working in biodiversity and local products, recycling and waste recovery, etc.) Introducing the concepts of learning to learn and creativity among student engineers to strengthen the capacity of adaptability in a highly changing environment. Event facilitators - Mr. Chouaib Benqlilou, Professor at ENIM an PhD in Process Engineering and Environment at Catalan Polytechnic. National Coordinator for the contact point of the European Framework Programme for Research and Development (PCRD - FP7). - Mr. Abdelhadi Ghazaoui, Professor at ENIM and promoter and coordinator of the Environment and Industrial Safety Sector at ENIM - Mr. Said Kitane, Professor at ENIM, Manager of the Center for the Incubation and welcome for innovative projects and Manager for the Mines, Environment and Energy Research Laboratory.