SIDE EVENT Belgian Technical Cooperation (Side event)

12/06/2013 - 17:30 / 19:30



Manolo Demeure, Marie Christine Sarboni, Laurent Dellucci,Fatima Ait Ben Alla,Mohammed Fezzaz, CTB partners and staff

Networking for Training - Information - Education and Awareness Organized by: Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) ( A presentation will be made during this workshop on integrating environmental components in BTC projects while taking into account the three components: Training - Information - Education and Awareness. -Manolo Demeure : BTC-Morocco resident representative - Marie Christine Sarboni, APNA Project - Laurent Dellucci, AEP Project - Fatima Ait Ben Alla, APMNEER Project - Mohammed Fezzaz : Environment Also present : - National and local CTB partners linked to three projects (AEP, APNA and APMNEER) - NGO members linked to the theme - CTB staff