Session 3 Niche 4 (ORAL SESSION)

11/06/2013 - 10:30 / 11:45

Modagor Menara 1

English - Spanish

Environmental Education in India: Powered by Ubiquitous Technologies

A systemic View to The use of Technologies to Support and Promote Environmental Education in India
Oral papers

A great digital divide exists in the urban & rural India with respect to technology enabled learning, in schools implementing environmental education. Ubiquitous technologies has the potential to narrow down this divide in form of a communication tool to create, collaborate & share much in line to the Web 2.0 principles. To make it fruitful it’s important to scan existing ubiquitous technologies used in urban & rural India; develop a framework founded with pragmatic design principles to enable effective & affective environmental education assimilating these ‘present everywhere’ technologies.

Uday Nair

Uday Nair

The University of Sheffield


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Communications and the impact of social media - Pedagogy and learning
"India" "Learning" "Ubiquitous Technologies" "Urban-Rural" "Web 2.0"